Thoughts & Self Help

Labor-Management Relations Thoughts

  • Being Proactive
  • Integrative Bargaining
  • “Getting to Yes” William Ury
  • Labor-Management Work Teams
  • Know your Constituents
  • Really, really Listen….What are the needs of others? - St. Francis said “I need to understand before I am understood”
  • Develop, grow and sustain a labor-management relationship as this is an ongoing process
  • Prepare
  • Credibility…Your Word
  • Being Diplomatic ... Both Parties Understand the “wantas” and the “gottas”
  • Moving on from NO
  • “Difficult Conversations” - Douglas Stone-Bruce Patten-Sheila Heen

Self Help with Some Good Reads

Bargaining with the Devil....Robert Mnookin

Difficult Conversations....Douglas Stone, Sheila Hen

Getting to Yes...Robert Fisher and William Ury

Ideas & Action, 10 Commandments of Negotiations....George P. Shultz

International Negotiations....Mark Powell

The Keys to Conflict Resolution....Theodore W. Keel

Kissinger, the Negotiator....James K. Sebenius, Nicholas Burns

Negotiations for Dummies....Michael C. Donaldson

The Negotiation Handbook....Patrick K. Cleary

The Negotiator....Senator George Mitchell

The Power of a Positive No....William Ury

We Can Have Peace in the Holy Land....President Jimmy Carter

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